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We at GRS Batterien offer you, the producer, nationwide collection of the following in accordance with the Batteries Act:

• Waste portable batteries under Section 6 of the Batteries Act 

• Waste industrial batteries under Section 8 of the Batteries Act

For 12 years now, we have been Germany's leading recycler of batteries. More and more battery producers and importers are placing their confidence in us. Our customers now number more than 2,400. And there is a good reason for this: the excellent results we achieve in collection and recycling make our scheme Europe's best performing. We offer you the best service and outstanding performance for your money. We are already performing beyond the requirements of the Batteries Act. As a non-profit organisation, there is no financial gain for us-we pass all cost advantages directly on to you.

How you benefit from our services

So that you can concentrate on your business, we take care of the red tape and keep abreast of the latest developments, keeping you informed at all times about any changes that apply to you. We assume responsibility for our customers' products, both in terms of environmental protection and cost-efficiency. Our full range of services is as follows:

German Batteries Act



The new Batteries Act came into force in Germany on 1 December 2009 and contains new, binding requirements for all producers and importers of batteries and battery-powered products. We have a complete overview of all the changes relating to the Batteries Act and will alert you to any changes that affect your operation.

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