The GRS Batterien Foundation operates the common collection scheme for portable batteries as specified by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment under Section 6 of the German Batteries Act (BattG). It is the largest common collection scheme in Europe. In recent years, our system of collection has become synonymous with efficient battery recycling and active environmental protection. The foundation was set up in 1998 by leading producers of batteries and the German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (ZVEI) to ensure nationwide collection, sorting and recycling of used batteries. We have since guaranteed environmentally sound disposal throughout Germany. As a non-profit organisation, there is no financial gain for us. Any cost advantages are passed on directly to our customers. Our services are funded by the battery producers and importers who use them. They make a payment based on the quantity of batteries sold and the battery type.

We assume environmental responsibility for our customers' products

Our collection scheme could not be easier for our users. Battery producers are legally obliged to collect their products from the consumer and we supply containers on their behalf for battery collection and transport to retail outlets, local authorities, public institutions and commercial end users. These containers are supplied nationwide and at no cost. We then transport the collected batteries to the sorting facilities and sort them according to their various electrochemical systems. This means that valuable materials such as iron, manganese and nickel can be recovered and the metals lead and cadmium can be reused in battery production. Since commencing operations more than 12 years ago, we have continually increased the total volume of collected batteries as well as the recycling rate.

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